Agape Flooring

We are a professional flooring installation and repair company, specializing in click and lock laminate flooring, click and lock vinyl flooring, and hardwood flooring. Serving the Houston area, we do flooring repair and installation in areas as small as one room and as large as your whole home.


About Us

We are a professional flooring contracting company in Houston, TX. Our organization is build upon principles of honesty, integrity, and character that are reflected in our mission as a company and the way that we interact with our clients. Our aim is to give meaningful work opportunities for our employees while providing professional, quality home remodeling solutions to our customers. We view the quality and character of our work as a direct reflection of our faith, and strive to provide services that reflect the beauty and excellence of the kingdom of God.

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Our Services

Laminate Flooring Installation

Click and lock laminate flooring is a great option for providing sturdy, inexpensive flooring in your home. Installing interlocking, floating laminate flooring is one of our specialties - we will get it done for you fast. Laminate flooring is versatile and has a wide price range, so we install cheap laminate flooring and high-end laminate flooring to accommodate your budget.

Hardwood Flooring Installation

We install hardwood flooring with precision and care. We are trained to install hardwood flooring the right way, providing your home with the quality look and feel of hardwood floors. We install affordable bamboo flooring and durable oak, walnut, hickory, maple, and cherry hardwood flooring.

Vinyl Flooring Installation

Similar to laminate, interlocking vinyl flooring is a durable option for your home. We can install new plank laminate flooring in your home quickly and at the highest quality.


Our Work

See some examples of our professional flooring work!



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